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Gewinne 3000 Euro
Just say thanks
1. take a photo
2. post it with #WeSayTHX
3. win € 3.000,-*
Apply until May 2020 for the € 5.000,- pot.
The winner receives € 3.000,- (place 2/3 each € 1.000,-).

You can learn all about this here.
We support your sport! Just like:
Your coach, the fans, the lifeguard, the linesmen, taxi mothers, cake bakers, drinks tugs, jersey washers, all sponsors, the groundskeeper, your buddies ... and also yourself. With this campaign we want to thank all the people who follow your sport with passion and often make sure that everything runs smoothly in their free time. Sometimes you hardly notice them, but they are always there and indispensable.
You are quite social

Are you on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? Then you know how to do it. Take photos, write some nice words, don't forget #WeSayTHX and then ... exactly! Post until the doctor comes. Be sure to get the consent of the people you see in your pictures.

*Post your photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (public profiles) with the hashtag #WeSayTHX, and write to who you want to say thanks. Then upload it via the form, with a link to your uploaded photo. With a little luck it will end up in our gallery, and you can win up to € 3.000,- for your team.
Ready Steady Go!

Your photos in the gallery